.wtf Domain

.wtf is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) run by Donuts, a gTLD registry. It is derived from "WTF", an online acronym for "what the fuck?".

In June 2012, Ryan Singel of Wired predicted no one would ever set up the .wtf domain, but later that month an application for the domain was submitted to ICANN, and although in August 2012 the Saudi Arabian government objected to .wtf and 30 other newly proposed top-level domains, ICANN approved .wtf on 23 April 2014. Since then, hundreds of thousands of applicants have received approval; as of May 2021, Google indexed about 2,240,000 webpages with the .wtf domain.

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Available Suffixes
  • Registrations on second level (e.g. domain.wtf): yes
Useful information
  • Cancellation period 0 days
  • Whois Server whois.donuts.co
Contact Requirements
Available Types:
  • Owner has to be Person or Org

Before the transfer can be started, please unlock the domain for transfer by the old registrar. The transfer has to be initiated through our system. A valid Authorization Code has to be provided to initiate a transfer successfully. You may obtain the authorization code from the old registrar. After the transfer is started successfully, the old registrar has to give an acknowledge to the transfer. If the old registrar will not respond within 5 days to the transfer, the transfer will be automatically acknowledged. Normally a transfer will be completed in 5 days.


An Ownerchange is free of charge and can be performed easily in our system.

  • check: no
  • IP-Types: IPv4/IPv6
  • DNSSEC: yes
  • min. Nameserver: 1
  • max. Nameserver: 13

A Restore can be performed in our system up to 30 days after deletion.

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