.tj Domain

.tj is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Tajikistan. Registrations are processed via accredited registrars.

The following 2nd level domains are available for third-level domain name registration:

  • ac.tj
  • aero.tj
  • biz.tj
  • co.tj
  • com.tj
  • coop.tj
  • dyn.tj
  • edu.tj
  • go.tj
  • gov.tj
  • info.tj
  • int.tj
  • mil.tj
  • museum.tj
  • my.tj
  • name.tj
  • net.tj
  • nic.tj
  • org.tj
  • per.tj
  • pro.tj
  • test.tj
  • web.tj

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Available Suffixes
  • Registrations on second level (e.g. domain.tj): yes
Useful information
  • Whois Server not available
Contact Requirements
Available Types:
  • Owner has to be Person or Org

This TLD is registered through a manual registration process that might involve documents, depending on respective registry regulations, and is therefore not automated for real-time registrations and real-time updates. Updates might cause additional costs. Please contact our support if you want to register a .tj domain.


A transfer is actually not supported by us. Please contact our support if you want to transfer a domain.


An Ownerchange is free of charge and can be performed easily in our system.

  • check: no
  • IP-Types: IPv4/IPv6
  • DNSSEC: no
  • min. Nameserver: 2
  • max. Nameserver: 13

A Restore is not supported by the registry.

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