.pt Domain

.pt is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Portugal and is managed by Associação DNS.PT.It has the following second-level domains:

  • .com.pt: no restrictions; online registration
  • .edu.pt: education
  • .gov.pt: Government of Portugal
  • .int.pt: international organizations or diplomatic missions in Portugal
  • .net.pt: telecommunications providers
  • .nome.pt: individuals (nome is Portuguese for name)
  • .org.pt: Non-profit organizations
  • .publ.pt: publications (e.g. newspapers)

As from the 1 May 2012 Registration directly at second-level is available, without restrictions.[1] On the first week there was a 28984 new domains register under the .pt

Since July 1, 2005, some characters with diacritics have been supported in domain names (IDN). Currently permitted characters: à, á, â, ã, ç, é, ê, í, ó, ô, õ, ú. These are the only accentuated characters used in Portuguese words.

Apart from .gov.pt, Portuguese subdomains were slow to catch on, because many people had already registered under .pt when the new ones became available. Many companies, colleges and people still prefer to use a .pt because these are harder to get (the chance of getting a spam link is very low) and simpler to remember. There are also inconsistencies: for example, the website of the Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is not www.mne.gov.pt, but www.min-nestrangeiros.pt. However, the .com.pt subdomain is being heavily promoted by the registry, and now has a large number of registrations and active Web sites. Others such as .nome.pt for individuals are still very uncommon.

In the early years, FCCN tried to keep control of the .pt domain using very stringent rules, which were adjusted a number of times. The precedent set by domains which were already registered but which would not be able to be registered under updated rules led to lawyers requesting the registry of any domain based on the principle of equal treatment.[citation needed] When the situation was out of control, FCCN tried to promote subdomains like com.pt. Nevertheless, since the registration directly under .pt was still available, users tended to prefer these.

It is estimated that the .pt suffix comprises a little less than 10% of all the Portuguese-language internet.[2][original research?] It is the third most popular Portuguese-language suffix, after .br and .com, and ahead of .net, .org and .info, all above 10 million pages.[citation needed]

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Available Suffixes
  • Registrations on second level (e.g. domain.pt): yes
available SLDs

  • com.pt can be registered: yes
  • org.pt can be registered: no
Useful information
  • Cancellation period 40 days
  • Whois Server whois.dns.pt
Contact Requirements
Available Types:
  • Owner has to be Person or Org
  • Admin has to be Person or Org
  • Tech has to be Person or Org
  • Zone has to be Person or Org
Owner has to fill the following fields:
  • VatId if type is org
  • IdentificationCardNumber if type is person

Admin has to fill the following fields:
  • VatId if type is org
  • IdentificationCardNumber if type is person

Tech has to fill the following fields:
  • VatId if type is org
  • IdentificationCardNumber if type is person


The transfer has to be initiated through our system. A valid Authorization Code has to be provided to initiate a transfer successfully. You may obtain the authorization code from the old registrar. After a transfer, our system syncronizes the owner of the domain from the registry to our system. If possible, you can start an owner change if you want to replace the synced owner. To transfer a domain you first have to request the so-called authorization code and also the process number of the domain online in the registries web-interface. The registries website is accessible on https://registo.dns.pt/en/, with your login and password. You need the NIC-Handle from your old registrar. You can recover the password if you do not know it. The registry will then send the password to the email address of the owner.

If you have questions how to recover your password, please refer to the registrys FAQ: https://www.dns.pt/en/faq/

After the login, please be so kind and enter the process file, and use the link "transfer code". The autorization Code will then be emailed to the email address of the owner.


An Ownerchange may produce costs. Please refer to your pricelist. The Ownerchange can be started easily in our system. After that, please download and fill out the form Request for Change of Domain Holder PT. Please scan the document and send it to our support. As soon as we have received your form, we will submit it to the registry.

Please be aware that we need to receive the following filled documents:

  • check: no
  • IP-Types: IPv4
  • DNSSEC: yes

A Restore is not supported by the registry.

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