.is Domain

.is (dot is) is the top-level domain for Iceland. The country code is derived from the first two letters of Ísland, which is the Icelandic word for Iceland. Registration of .is domains is open to all persons and companies without any special restriction.

The very first .is-domain, hi.is, is the domain of University of Iceland. It was registered on December 11, 1986, making it one of the earliest ever domain registrations on the Internet.

According to McAfee report "Mapping the Mal Web", .is has been evaluated as one of the top 10 most secure TLDs in the world in year 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. No report has come out since then. As of December 2015 there were just about 56,000 .is-domains registered.

In October, 2014 ISNIC suspended Khilafah.is which hosted material produced by the Islamic State.

As of October 2016 .is domains can be registered for five years.

In September 2017, ISNIC briefly hosted American neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, which had been removed by several domains around the world. It was pulled from its .is domain after its publisher did not fulfil the standard procedure of disclosing his address.

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Available Suffixes
  • Registrations on second level (e.g. domain.is): yes
Useful information
  • Cancellation period 66 days
  • Whois Server whois.isnic.is
Contact Requirements
Available Types:
  • Owner has to be Person or Org

After initiating the transfer in our system, the domain has to be to pushed to our system. Please refer to the transfer instructions for more information. After a transfer, our system syncronizes the owner of the domain from the registry to our system. If possible, you can start an owner change if you want to replace the synced owner.

After the start of a transfer every contact in our system will receive the following instructions:

Dear Domain Contact,

to transfer a .IS domain, please tell your old registrar to change the Admin, Tech and Billing contact to our contact AG241-IS

Shortly after the the old registrar changes the contacts, the transfer will be completed.


An Ownerchange may produce costs. Please refer to your pricelist. The Ownerchange can be started easily in our system. The old Owner and new Owner will receive an email from the registry and they have to confirm the Ownerchange.

  • check: yes
  • IP-Types: IPv4/IPv6
  • DNSSEC: no
  • min. Nameserver: 2
  • max. Nameserver: 4

A Restore is not supported by the registry.

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