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  • 20.08.2012
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Unsere Kunden wissen, dass der Support das A und O der Kundenzufriedenheit ist.  Manchmal dient er auch der Erheiterung, wenn auch unfreiwillig.

Auch wir müssen manchmal Supportleistungen in Anspruch nehmen, diesmal ging es um die Zugangsdaten zu einem neuen System. Dabei ergab sich kürzlich folgender unterhaltsamer Dialog:

„… Currently the login ID would be and password reset requests should go to that email.“
„… Unfortunately the password reset link is not working, it is leading back to the login page.“

„… I have reset your password to login using your email address.
Your temporary password is: *******
You can update this password once you login.“
„… I was now able to login with the temporary password. I don’t see, however, where I can change the password in the interface.“

„… To reset the password for your account, it will be necessary to click the „Reset Password“ link on the login page. Currently there is no option to update or change your password once you have logged into the site.“

„well, as I mentioned earlier, the password reset link is not working, i.e. is leading back to the login page. But – most interestingly – this is not the only thing it is doing. The system is showing a very interesting behaviour altogether:

When I try to login again with my temporary password, I am getting „Access denied“. When I try the same thing once again, I am receiving an Oracle error message.  When I click the password reset link after this, I get logged in. This is, by the way, not a random behavior, it is reproducible. ( I just did it 3 times 😉

Can I apply as a software tester with you? ;))

Never mind, I’ll be using this way until the issue is fixed.

Great stuff ;))


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