The http.net RDAP service allows you to query for Domain Information with an exact match. It only returns information if the queried Domain Name was found in the http.net database.

The data is limited to gTLD domains registered by http.net. The responses for Queries are JSON formatted.

For more information please refer to:

http.net only supports queries to exact domain matches. As a registrar we do not offer entity, nameserver or search queries.


Type https://rdap.routing.net/domain/http.net into your browser address to receive an unauthenticated RDAP Response.

Command Line Tool

Type the following command to receive an unauthenticated RDAP Response:

curl https://rdap.routing.net/domain/http.net

To make the output human readable you can use jq:

curl https://rdap.routing.net/domain/http.net | jq

You can also use an RDAP Client, e.g. written in Go: https://github.com/openrdap/rdap